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We all sweat

PRIMO CONTENT, Buenos Aires / GATORADE / 2024

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For ages, Gatorade has been the brand that featured and sponsored top notch sports celebrities as they were building a positioning of experts and leaders in sports hydration. This strategy served them for years but, by being so focused on professional athletes they left aside amateurs, their most important segment. Amateurs felt like Gatorade was not for them, they had no reason to drink it and didn’t feel reflected in the brand. The communication objective was to connect with amateurs and build consideration through relevance.


The film starts with a voiceover telling us: “Probably not to everyone, but to sweat we are all the same”. From then on, we come across typical situations in the amateur sports world, while the VO narrates the parallelisms of this and the pro sports scene: having sponsors or not, getting paid millions or having to pay to play football, running away from fans or after doctors’ advice, etc. All these situations show people practicing different sports, making an effort, having a good time, celebrating their victories and, of course, sweating. Because, in the end, for those who practice sports, in whatever level or for whatever reason they do it, sweating is all that counts. It is proof that they have given their best. We close with Gatorade logo and invitation to “Keep on sweating”.

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