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What is it about the ŠKODA Octavia?_What is it about the ŠKODA Octavia?

FALLON PRAHA, Prague / SKODA / 2016







A man cleans his Octavia with a handkerchief. Suddenly a couple appear. We realise its their car. The guy cleaning is embarrassed and the VO asks: Is it the good looks?

We see a room with paint everywhere, a big mess. The camera follows this mess and finds an Octavia parked on the driveway. We hear a woman scream inside the house. We see a little paint-covered boy in the car and hear the doors lock. VO asks: Is it the feeling of security?

A father and his son sit overlooking a great vista. The father gestures "One day son, this will all be yours”. The camera pulls back and we see he is referring to the Octavia is parked next to them. The VO asks: Or is it because it is built to last?

We see the range Octavia range and VO asks: What is it about the Octavia?

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