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Essentially, the Wilson X ball turns any patch of grass, asphalt or turf into a real NFL gridiron, allowing players to run just like the pros. This insight led to the underlying idea behind the packaging: The Stadium is Everywhere. Where kids can feel like they’re playing with the pros, blurring the line between video games and playing on an actual field.


In accordance with the visual style we created for the suite of Wx products, we kept the packaging black, with pops of white and red. Also following cues from previous basketball packaging, we added the flood of red to the inside panel.

We incorporated the hero photography shot for the campaign and split the image between two panels. Utilizing a single panel for the opening allowed us to have fun with the image so that when closed, the full face visual appears.

The Wx Football is a premium product, so we opted for sturdier paneling with a matte wrap and pops of UV coating.

We worked closely with the Wilson team to achieve our vision. The ball is constructed from a new material for Wilson football, and thus, created a new batch of issues for printing. We went through many rounds applying the graphics to ensure they were perfect.


The packaging was designed to be a keepsake in its own right. It positions Wilson as a forward-looking sports brand, one that’s leading the way in connected sports and technology. The packaging is designed to show that the product comes directly from Wilson LABS, Wilson’s world-class R&D department. The goal was to make consumers feel like they’re opening a rare piece of technology when they open the package. In essence, the package itself is designed to mark a game change in sports equipment from the moment consumers see it on the shelves.

As the next product in the Wilson X line, the packaging families with the Wilson X Connected Basketball while using elements (colors, logos, typography) that hearken back to the Wilson masterbrand.

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