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Windex® "Sparkle Graffiti"

ENERGY BBDO, Chicago / SC JOHNSON / 2018

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Graffiti is the world’s most polarizing art form. Many people immediately dismiss it as vandalism. In a time when so many topics have become polarizing, we set out to reframe the way people view graffiti and open their minds to other new perspectives. In a simple act, we placed Windex® Foaming Glass Cleaner into the hands of two real graffiti writers and watched as they roamed the streets of Los Angeles, tagging and cleaning windows. By inverting the social context, people’s perceptions of graffiti were changed from a symbol of urban decay into a positive act for the community. The craft of graffiti could still be celebrated and using it to keep neighborhood windows clean even had the potential to deter future vandalism.


We put Windex® into the hands of two real graffiti artists and filmed them on the streets of Los Angeles, tagging and cleaning glass windows where it was needed most. A 90-second online documentary let people see graffiti writing in a new light, by removing the destructive elements and turning it into a positive act.

Facebook, Instagram & Snapchat content brought the idea to life in shorter formats.

In Snapchat, a hack of their targeted filter format gave people their own interactive way to draw graffiti on glass, using the app’s native drawing tools.

In Facebook, tutorial content led by the graffiti writers demonstrated how to create graffiti writing with the Windex® aerosol can, to inspire people to practice their own graffiti at home.

The execution was capped by a selfie-friendly graffiti installation, incorporating a glass surface for anyone to try out their skills at Windex® #sparklegraffiti writing.


Through this activation we were able to showcase a new Windex® product while encouraging consumers to change their mindset about something they used to see only in a negative light.

In the week since launch, there have been over 300,000 views of our content on Facebook, with social chatter celebrating how Windex® is reaching a new audience in a positive way and many consumers expressing their excitement to try the product.

Our glass mural installation saw over 1,000 live engagements with consumers excited to let out their inner rebel and create their own sparkle graffiti. Influencers drove conversation around the event, reaching over 3 million people, showcasing the mural in selfies and inviting followers to come check it out.

The campaign is just gaining momentum - we are on track to reach over 15M views of our content with over 150M total impressions across video, Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat.

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