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2016. The year of Brexit. The year of Trump. A year where the divisive and polarizing forces in the world have been closing us down rather than keeping us open.

The problem is, tucked up in our cosy echo-chambers and digital filter bubbles, we have become used to only hearing views that correspond with our own. We don’t see, let alone listen to opinions that oppose ours.

We are all guilty of labeling people based on their views, rather than taking the time to understand that person. The truth is there are so many things that we share, no matter what part of the world or background we come from.


As a brand whose endline is ‘Open Your World’, we didn’t just want to show we believe in openness, we wanted to prove that even the most divided people can open up when they find common ground.


Our idea was to demonstrate that there is more that unites us than divides us.

To prove this, we developed an experiment together with Dr. Govinda Clayton, a conflict resolution specialist, that would challenge two strangers with polarizing views to come together, discuss their differences, and hopefully find some mutual understanding.

With an experiment that was entirely unrehearsed, unscripted and using real people, not actors, you never know what the result will be. Yet, it goes to prove that even the most divided people can find common ground. The act of having a conversation, creating dialogue and listening to the other side can open your mind and open your world – we just have to take that first step.


The 4.5-minute film was launched organically online in three versions optimised for each individual social platform. It was boosted through a PR push that seeded the film to national newspapers and online publications. This created momentum, but once people started sharing naturally (including unpaid celebrity endorsers) the film really took off. Paid media kicked in 5 days later to maintain momentum. This has been supported by our partnership with the Huffington Post that ensured a steady stream of content about common ground.

Further, online banners drove to our website where you could sign up to a human library event that gives you the chance to have a conversation with someone you might not have an opportunity to meet in everyday life (e.g. a refugee). This takes an online activation and gives you the chance to take real action – a further opportunity to open your world.

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