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Y&R, New York / EMBASSY SUITES / 2015

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The “Yeah, It’s Pretty Great” campaign drove success for Embassy Suites, helping the brand meet and exceed their key objectives. Leisure bookings increased by 14%, surpassing the YOY goal of 10% (HWW Internal RACK & Leisure Revenue Tracking, August 2014).

Consideration to book increased to 36%, up 6pts YOY, after just six months into campaign launch, surpassing the YOY goal of 5%. (Hall & Partners Tracking, January 2014 – June 2014).

Brand equity data was used to set the strategy against the key objectives. After the launch of the “Yeah, It’s Pretty Great!” campaign, we saw an improvement in brand equity among both leisure and business travelers.

Before the campaign, Embassy Suites over-indexed on “Stuffy” when compared to its peers. The campaign saw dramatic reduction in perceptions of “Stuffy,” while the brand’s imagery is now firmly rooted in its two tension points of “Approachable” and “Excellent,” proving that our messaging resonated with consumers and changed their perception of the brand.

Originally, the brand set out to increase bookings with their secondary leisure target without alienating their business core. Not only did business bookings remain strong, the brand gained equity among business travelers throughout the “Yeah, It’s Pretty Great!” campaign.

The campaign has driven an increase in Embassy Suites’ rating “Good Choice for Family/Kids” to 37%, surpassing the goal of 30%.


The findings uncovered in the data were directly leveraged in the development of a new, effective, creative campaign for Embassy Suites.

Our analytic insights addressed a real traveler need, the “Dilemma of Compromise” by creating an unlikely brand imagery combination (“Approachable-Excellent”).

We communicated to travelers that Embassy Suites was the solution to a seemingly unsolvable family vacation hotel problem.

Our analysis enabled an intriguing creative challenge: making the seemingly incongruous image dimensions of “Approachable” and “Excellent” work together in the brand messaging and voice.

The “Yeah, It’s Pretty Great!” campaign for Embassy Suites was born and re-positioned Embassy Suites as the best mid-tier hotel for families. We connected with mom emotionally by showing her we understood the unique needs of her family when they go on vacation. We allowed her to truly feel the value of the Embassy Suites product: the benefits that two rooms (and a door!) could offer the family, free breakfast made exactly how mom and the kids want it, and the satisfaction of having a free drink and snack after a long day in a place that feels perfectly comfortable for the whole family.

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