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Your ride is your story

MEC HUNGARY, Budapest / DAIMLER / 2016

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How can we make a targeting mechanism for the people of the street?

Well, we know that people have a strong relationship with their cars and as such it is a projection of their personality. So we created a technology that utilizes this projection backwards. It shows ads to drivers depending on the properties of their car, and thus targets the mindset of the driver.


Let's place this technology at the parking entrance of shopping malls, where cars stop for a moment, and let's use this moment to search our ad array for the most relevant ad thus making the highest possible impact on the car's driver.

1. While a driver stops for a parking ticket,

2. our system analyzes the driven car,

3. identifies the brand and type,

4. it calculates the best kind of ad matching the car

5. and when moving on, we display it.


We conducted live surveys inside the shopping malls and asked people arriving by car how they remembered our messages. Advertising recall jumped from 36% to 72% when the targeting system was on versus the time when ads were shown randomly. Also our smartly targeted ads drove away attention from other traditional ads around, as the recall rate of those decreased by 50% while our system was running, which is a very promising result for digital outdoor.

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