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The film follows Yusra Mardini, a Syrian Olympic swimmer, who fled her home country during the Syrian Civil War and joined the Refugee Olympic Athletes Team, competing in the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio. We see various scenes of Mardini in training--breathing heavily after a hard workout, throwing punches, fighting against the current in a wave pool-- then a glimpse into a more quiet Mardini as she remembers the hurdles she faced as a refugee, fleeing Damascus to find a new home. In a voiceover she recites what should have happened to her, given her countries turmoil, and the adversaries that tried to prevent her from being the Olympic athlete she is today.


Yusra Mardini is a role model for women worldwide. The young Syrian is a warchild, a refugee, an Olympic competitor, and a female athlete committed to her goals despite all odds and obstacles she has faced. Empowered by grit and determination, Yusra inspires sportswomen around the globe to develop persistence, physical and mental strength in their sport, and apply the same passions to other parts of their lives in order to help and inspire others. Part of an extraordinary league of female athletes, Yusra Mardini is the new face of Under Armour’s I WILL-campaign, establishing Under Armour as the relevant brand for women. Her story she shares with us is unique to her character and circumstance, and yet, she moves us to find the universal truths and emotional understandings we can all hold on to

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