Cannes Lions


FUSE FRANCE, Boulogne-Billancourt / SONY / 2012






In France, the ‘Sapin law’ has restricted the opportunities for brands to communicate in the media.Thanks to the ‘editorialisation’ and ‘mediatisation’ of content, brands have been able to transform their brand strategy into creative concepts and to make them shine in the most pertinent and efficient media.The goal, thanks to media, is to multiply experiences, contacts and conversations between a brand and its targets, in order to convert them into business.

In France, any content displayed in order to increase cross media brand visibility is considered branded content: short programs, billboards, media partnerships, experiential events, digital platforms, brand channels, entertainment and information programs, social media programs etc.

Some rules must be followed. The concepts must be:• totally coherent with brand strategy • integrated into media strategies of the media agency• correlated to buying strategies of the media agency • measurable in terms of impact, efficiency and ROI, on qualitative and quantitative criteria


1. A strategy towards media partners to reach their audience through editorial content (columns, contests, news, press release, articles, tricks).2. Bloggers strategy to present and announce the event3. Classic media plan as for a traditional live concert


A great PR success: people present at the concert were astonished and the clients were fully satisfied with the live experience and the contact with its consumers.The best proof of success, though, is that we're working on a new silent concert Season 2.Key learnings after a study about exposed and non-exposed people of the target are that Sony headphones are:Modern: +12%Innovative: +9%Quality: 12%To be recommend : +13%

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