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Why is this work relevant for Brand Experience & Activation? Black Friday Brand Activation was a retail brand experience that showcased Amazon’s Black Friday deals and end-to-end shopping experience in a home-like setting. It utilised comprehesive brand building through audience-tailored use of experience, design, immersive retail, and 360 degree customer engagement. Black Friday weaved in storytelling, consumer insights, and clear KPIs such as app-downloads and sales goals, with Amazon hitting #1 shopping app in the country. Overall, the project showcased collaborative efforts to deliver a creative solution as to how Amazon could best stand out in a crowded market during the most competitive retail event of the year.


Situation: Black Friday is the busiest and most competitive retail event of the year, with every brand under the sun fighting for people’s attention with mega deals in a cluttered market.

Brief: We were tasked to find a solution as to how we could enable the Amazon brand to stand out from the crowd and be seen as the most trusted and easiest way to shop during Black Friday, whilst celebrating Amazon’s deals.

Objectives: Showcase Amazon's Black Friday deals and demonstrate Amazon's trusted end-to-end shopping experience via a brand activation that engages the 'quality and experience seekers'. Showcase this in a way that shows that the activation is the easiest and most trusted way to get the best deals this Black Friday.

*The Quality and Experience Seekers: Millennials, hard-working, middle-to-upper income earners seeking quality products and a seamless end-to-end shopping experience.

Describe the creative idea

The creative idea was to launch “The Amazon House” in Singapore’s Suntec City Mall, a stand-out activation during the busiest retail moment of the year. Amazon House delighted shoppers whilst celebrating the joy Amazon Singapore brings to the shopping experience.

The space blended elements of a lively home environment with Amazon's brand attributes and personality to form a relatable yet unexpected experience. Guests were invited on a journey through a series of open rooms including a living room, beauty room, playroom, and more. Throughout each room, guests encountered engaging moments relating to key Amazon product categories, Black Friday Deals, and partnering brands. Overall, the experience looked to celebrate Amazon's brand personality and unique offering.

The USP of the activation was to showcase that it was the easiest and most trusted way to get the best Black Friday deals, whilst retaining a warm and relatable, cheeky tone of voice.

Describe the strategy

Target Audience

The Quality and Experience Seekers: Millennials, hard-working, middle-to-upper income earners seeking quality products and a seamless end-to-end shopping experience.


To bring our audience on a surprising and delightful journey, we chose a location where they would already exist through robust organic foot traffic. We chose the second level of Suntec City Mall, one of Singapore’s most exciting retail destinations. Across five days, we attracted 11K visitors as we strategically selected a high-traffic location with a high percentage of our key demographic.

We then created a seamless end-to-end shopping experience through "Amazon House", which included Black Friday deals (some hidden for fun), surprise gifts, QR scanning to app downloads, "try and buy" experiences such as the Nintendo Switch room, all accessible one interactive space. Activities for the kids such as ball pits and colouring walls amplified the seamless shopping experience, also making Amazon House a great weekend activity.

Describe the execution


The primary channel strategy of this campaign was the high-foot traffic location which was chosen. 100% of the activation budget was invested into the eye-catching, interactive, and bright home-like environment that was Amazon House, a space for kids to play, and for adults to shop for the best deals in the one easily-accessible space.


Level 2 of Singapore’s Suntec City Mall. Selected as it had high accessibility, was indoor (eliminated weather vulnerability concerns), had robust organic foot traffic, and looked over the space, attracting people’s curiosity and desire to join the action.


5 days (24th - 28th November)


This activation saw 11,000 visitors, with countless observers during the busiest retail event of the year. On a social scale, over 100 influencers representing social and digital publications covered the event.

List the results

- 11K visitors

- 4.6K QR app download scans

- Over 100 KOLs covering the event across social and digital

- Amazon Singapore hit #1 shopping app in the country as well as #2 top overall downloaded app on iOS during Black Friday

- Most searched e-tailer vs. Shopee & Lazada during Black Friday

- Overwhelming response from customers, with approx 1.5 more traffic/website visits compared to Black Friday 2021.

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