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Why is this work relevant for Social & Influencer?

This was a rare example of a brand converting an organic moment with their audience into a celebration of that audience. Dedicated social listening revealed a desire among eos’s target to break the stigma surrounding intimate shaving. When the opportunity arose, the decision to act was lightning quick. It’s not often that you see Cooch and Hooha on a physical product, a testament to quick-thinking creativity and the willingness to put the brand in a controversial spotlight. Organic social conversations can—and in this case did—become a source of revenue for a brand. They just needed to know where to look.


As a challenger brand within the intensely competitive women's shaving category, eos is outspent 16:1 by major brands. eos succeeds by challenging category conventions to speak to a younger target that doesn't see itself represented in "mainstream" brands.

To win with this target, eos listens to them. In 2020, eos identified pubic shaving as a true pain point for women and not a topic brands had addressed in a real or helpful way. eos invested in R&D to offer a revolutionary new product feature for their shave cream/leave-in moisturizer—gynecological approval for pubic use.

While looking for ways to promote this incredible feature, a loyal eos customer…kind of did our job for us. Her unbelievably entertaining, fun, and yes, informative product review took off in social—and we jumped on it. Brands talk about being able to move at the speed of culture. This is what that looks like.

Describe the creative idea

TikToker Carly Joy blessed the internet with a tutorial on how to “bless your f*ing cooch” with eos shave cream. Her organic viral video opened up an unfiltered conversation about a taboo subject that we happen to care deeply about. While most brands would shy away from her spicy candidness, we wanted to celebrate it and keep the conversation going. We teamed up to launch a limited-edition line of Cooch Blessing Cream, complete with verbatim instructions on how to achieve a “smooth-ass hooha.”

We sent a package of the limited-edition line Carly’s way. She shared an unboxing video to the tune of millions of views. Fans showered Carly’s videos with adoration and were practically begging to get their hands on the newly minted Cooch Blessing Cream.

We converted this ultra-limited run into a proper product line and printed enough bottles to go around. The product line sold out immediately.

Describe the strategy

Our Gen-Z target lives with limitless information at their fingertips. They’re ready to shape the world and aren’t willing to put up with stigmas of the past, like those surrounding women’s body parts and hair.

According to a recent YouGov study, approximately 70% of women prefer to groom their pubic hair, yet the women’s shave category rarely addresses it. Terms like “sensitive areas,” “bikini,” and “down there” are used in place of direct, non-stigma-laced language. Gen Z is seeking authentic conversation and educational information on social, but the category hasn’t caught up.

This insight led eos to create a product specifically designed for pubic shaving. But it wasn’t enough to create a product. We needed to build an environment in which young women could freely talk about their bodies.

Describe the execution

To take advantage of the fleeting moment, we executed this project in turbo mode. Within days of Carly Joy posting her original video, we produced a limited-edition batch of Cooch Blessing Cream. To catch her attention and get her in on the idea, we used one of TikTok’s native features and dueted her original video to show her the product we had made for her. Shortly after, the contract was finalized and she posted her unboxing video with the newly minted Cooch Blessing Cream for her 1.1MM followers and our potential consumers. To keep the conversation going, we brought in the voices of four other TikTok influencers to discuss other tips and tricks for cooch shaving. No other paid media was needed.

List the results

??Not only did the campaign garner hundreds of millions of earned impressions—it moved product. In a single week, eos sold ~150,000 bottles of shave cream—a new record for the brand more than doubled the brand’s previous record of ~73,000 bottles in a single week.

The campaign was so successful that it doubled the entire women’s shave category growth rate, which rose from 4% to 8%, during the quarter that it ran. eos alone saw a quarterly growth rate of 59% during the campaign window, until total inventory depletion in late Q2. We saw an astounding 450X increase in website visits as a result of the campaign.

After stock replenished, eos saw sales growth continue through the end of year. eos’ shave business accelerated growth by 2X from pre-campaign to post-campaign. Most of all, the campaign-featured product became—and remains—the #1 SKU in the entire shave category.

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