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The campaign team of the BVG has used the comparison between U2 and the U2 many times. Always funny. Always successful. The community celebrated these posts with countless interactions. This word play became a running joke over the time. Because of this history, the surprising concert of U2 was even more special and a kind of home coming for the band.


The event began with Bono and The Edge riding in a special train on the U2 line. On board: a hundred enthusiastic fans who had won exclusive tickets for the spectacular action. During the ride, the musicians were answering questions of fellow travelers in a relaxed atmosphere. The absolute highlight followed on the return trip: The subway stopped at the underground station “Deutsche Oper”. There, Bono and The Edge played acoustic versions of their new single "Get Out of Your Own Way" as well as the classics "One" and "Sunday, Bloody Sunday" on the platform. Millions of people were simultaneously watching via Facebook live stream. The videos and photos spread like wildfire in the social networks. The event was also covered in all the major daily newspapers and in reports of well-known TV stations, the sensational U2 action of December the 6th was THE topic of the day.


Millions of people around the world followed the action online, on TV and the radio. The live stream on Facebook alone reached record numbers: no other BVG video has so far achieved a similar organic reach. The action gained the BVG another massive image boost and the campaign "BWLY" countiess new fans. The post reached 5.8 million viewers and had an organic reach of 3.2 million. With 111,000 likes, 200,000 responses, a TV reach of 11 million and a total reach of 300 million people worldwide, the campaign was a massive success across the board.


A rock band with the same name as a Berlin Subway line, what an opportunity for an exclusive meet & greet in the underground! Universal Music and BVG, brought Bono and The Edge to Berlin’s U2 line thanks to For that day only the claim "Because we love you“ became "Because we love U2". The live stream allowed fans around the world to follow this unique event and share it through their networks. No other BVG video has ever before gained such a high organic reach.


The goal of the campaign is to improve the image of the BVG and to refresh the brand as a whole. It is important to speak with the customer on equal terms and to enter into an honest and authentic dialogue. At the same time, new customers are to be won and to be excited about the BVG offer. In short, Berliners should be reminded that their BVG is doing a 'damn good job'.

Berliners as well as visitors to Berlin, U2 fans and music lovers, invited guests and random viewers, representatives from radio, television, the press and the many fans of the BVG campaign: they all became part of the live experience in December that turned the “Deutsche Oper” underground station into a world stage for a short time.


The BVG (Berliner Verkehrsbetriebe) is Germany's largest public transport company. More than 1 billion passengers use the wide range of busses, subways, trams and ferry services every year. As the "life line of the capital", the company ensures that Berliners and their guests reach their destinations in Germany's largest metropolis on time, quickly and cost- effectively.

Nevertheless: The BVG isn’t always well liked online. Customers complain about delays and leave angry comments.

For this reason, the BVG and the agency started an image campaign:

- Using hashtag #becauseweloveyou.

- Implementing cross-channel content marketing with authentic communication.

- Entertaining, informative and dialog inducing: creative and self-ironic.

Because of this approach, the BVG has been able to conquer the hearts of its passengers and increase their image value and brand image.

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