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Dr. Rick is the world’s foremost expert in Parentamorphosis, a term used to describe young homeowners who start turning into their parents when they buy their first home. Through field work, seminars, and group sessions, Dr. Rick has helped young homeowners everywhere un-become their parents. But unfortunately, there’s only one Dr. Rick. And since he can only reach so many sufferers at once, he’s branched out into an unconquered medium – the audiobook. "Dr. Rick Will See You Now" is like a one-on-one session with the man himself, filled with the strategies, exercises, self-assessments, and bite-sized wisdoms that homeowners everywhere need to combat Parentamorphosis pitfalls every single day. From making small talk with tollbooth operators (don’t) to the dangerous lures of lawn care, this collection will have first-time homeowners covered for almost any situation. It’s Dr. Rick. In an audiobook.

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Through our ongoing TV campaign, Dr. Rick has become Progressive’s most loved character, specifically among our young homeowner target audience. Dr. Rick maintains his relevance with this audience with 73% likeability and made Adage’s top 9 most popular insurance ad characters.

While Covid surged, 40% of young homeowners said they had read more books than usual. So, America’s favorite fake doctor met his audience where they were, authoring Dr. Rick Will See You Now. The book sold out and received rave reviews, including 4.5/5 stars on Amazon. So, in 2022, we re-launched the book, but this time with an audiobook version, too. The mash-up of audiobooks growing in popularity over the last few years and 30% of our target audience being listeners made this the perfect next endeavor. Now, suffers everywhere have easy listening access to Dr. Rick’s bite-sized tips. And Progressive quite literally has a bug in their

Describe the Impact:

With over 12,000 downloads, Dr. Rick Will See You Now was the most downloaded audio book from a brand in 2022.

Developing the Dr. Rick audiobook came from a need to continue to drive relevance, popularity, and interest in our campaign character and brand among an evolving audience. In addition to driving positive sentiment for Progressive, the audiobook received rave reviews garnering 4.8 out of 5 stars on Audible.

Is there any cultural context that would help the jury understand how this work was perceived by people in the country where it ran?

Parentamorphosis is a term that was originally created for the campaign in 2016. It started slowly enough for new first-time homebuyers. First you were guarding the thermostat. And then you were making your friends take their shoes off when they come over. Until finally, as you stare out the window judging your neighbor’s tacky lawn ornaments, it hits you. You’re experiencing Parentamorphosis. You’re becoming your mom and dad. The “Parentamorphosis” campaign is built around an insight that’s driven the campaign since its inception in 2016, and a character (Dr. Rick) who’s become one of Progressive’s best known and most well-liked of all time.

Contextually, Covid-19 surged during this time. Homebuying was at an all-time high and so was the amount of time people were spending within the walls of their homes. It was a Parentamorphosis recipe for disaster.

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