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The difficulty for adult films consumers is to accept that kind of 'hobby'. So they mostly prefer watching pirated low-quality films with the greatest discretion than choosing quality.

How can MARC DORCEL make discover his qualitative offer with no commitments and secured payment to new customers?


The campaign was a limited time promotional offer, activated through social networks, engaging customers into a direct interaction with the product and the brand. The result was the increase in subscriptions to the 9,99 Euros/month offer.

The followings assets were used :

• Website: change of the user journey on the website XIllimité by MARC DORCEL (French provider of Internet adult films) to allow every adult to discover the film catalogue exceptionally for free.

• Web video: a viral video posted on Youtube to explain the concept.

• Social network: an activation on Facebook, Twitter and Vine (with the production of 15 Vine videos) to encourage adults to take on the MARC DORCEL challenge.


MARC DORCEL found a funny and hot way to make discover his offer.

For one week, MARC DORCEL has changed the users journey and allowed them to enjoy free x-rated films for free. One condition: take on the challenge to watch them with no hands, by keeping their fingers on some very specific parts of their keyboard: QSPL keys.

MARC DORCEL asked to one of his famous Dorcel Girl to explain the concept in a video posted on Youtube. Vine videos were also made with her to incite people to take on the challenge.

And MARC DORCEL has encouraged Internet users on Facebook and Twitter to transform their shame into pride by making them publishing their performances: how long will you last with no hands?


In 24 hours, the campaign was a huge success with no purchase of media.

>> On Twitter:

- Trending Topics for 7 successive hours.

- More than 5500 hashtag quotes.

- More than 13 millions views.

>> Internet users took on the challenge:

- More than 100 hackings posted on social networks.

>> Impressive media support:

- More than 120 web articles.

- Quotes on famous French information media : LCI, BFM Business, Le Parisien… And even on famous feminine media: Marie-Claire, Grazia, Be…

>> Anna Polina video went viral:

- More than 250 000 views on Youtube.

- More than 20 000 views on Facebook.

- More than 60 000 views on Vine.

>> And above all, the website became a reference:

- visits x27.

- viewed films x17.

- subscribers x50.


Internet users are getting used to consume everything for free: music, video game and even adult film. That is why MARC DORCEL launched the first legal 100% unlimited X-rated qualitiative film offer to attract them. But even an unlimited access to more than 1.000 qualitative adult films seems not to be enough to convince them. In fact, the big challenge now is to change their habits and make them discover the advantages of a paid offer.

How can MARC DORCEL attract new customers whereas they do not generally pay what they consume on the Internet?

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