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BETC, Paris / CANAL / 2015


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This audience of 18-35 digital users is not new to the brand: they know CANAL+ and they like it but for them “it’s the TV of my parents”: it is expensive and they can’t afford it.

Yet they are very demanding for quality entertainment so they still watch the CANAL+ programs that are broadcast for free. Among these programmes, one of the most successful is “Le Petit Journal” and its comedians “Catherine & Liliane”, two assistants commenting the news every day in an outspoken way.


The Interactive Form is based on the idea that even the most functional touch point must be an experience. Especially when you are the famous TV channel CANAL+: everything has to be entertainment. By using the subscription form and making it an entertaining experience, “The Interactive Form” produces direct action and engagement of the target audience : it generates engagement with the brand, collects data through the form and subscriptions.


Since CANAL+ is entertainment all the time, why shouldn’t the subscription form be the same?

The Interactive Form transforms the subscription form into an experience as funny as the programs of the channel thanks to Catherine & Liliane, the heroins of “Le Petit Journal”, the favourite TV show of the young people.

On theinteractiveform , they are waiting for you to fill in the form, they ask you the administrative yet inevitable questions and comment your answers with their “free spirit”. This way, visitors can easily fill in a great part of the form. At the end of the experience, they can confirm their subscription and benefit of a special price or just leave their email to be contacted later.

The campaign was launched on the social media of the brand and on the CANAL+ website during 15 days. The timing was defined specially in October, a period usually poor in subscriptions.


As the objectives were as much the image as the transformation and the engagement with the brand, we measured both dimensions.

The engagement was total with 400 000 unique visitors, 20% more than what we predicted.

The number of subscriptions has increased by 18% and over 10 000 emails were gathered.

More than 25 000 tweets and comments have been posted during the operation.

The Image has been positively impacted as well since the social shares were 100% positive and proved the target audience has been convinced of the modernity of CANAL+ : “smart”, “genius”, “fun”…

PR releases were numerous in both general media and specialized press : BFM TV, Le Figaro, The Next Gag, Goldem 13, La Reclame, Koreus…


CANAL+ is a TV Channel recognised for providing quality entertainment and original programs but it is also now kind of a historic channel in the TV landscape: the brand is 30 years old, expensive and suffers from the arrival of new competitors like Netflix.

Yet its programmes and services have changed: they are more digital and modern and fit the needs and uses of today’s customers, especially a younger audience.

The objective of the campaign was therefore to prove the modernity of the brand to a younger audience and to engage it as much as possible.

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