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We created the SNICKERS HUNGERITHM: a hunger-algorithm that monitored online mood and priced SNICKERS at 7-Eleven accordingly.

The angrier the Internet was, the cheaper SNICKERS became.

The algorithm was built on a 3,000-word lexicon, analysing over 14,000 social posts and updating SNICKERS prices over 144 times daily. Each social post was analysed and reinterpreted as an individual data-point that captured the polarity, subjectivity and intensity of language used.

The HUNGERITHM ran live 24/7 for 5 weeks, changing the price of a SNICKERS over 5000 times. People could monitor the mood online ( and generate an instant SNICKERS barcode directly to their mobile to redeem at a nearby 7-Eleven with just 2 clicks. No downloading apps or printing necessary.

The HUNGERITHM turned the price of SNICKERS into a medium worth following and beat out the noise of in-store discounting by making sales before customers even entered the store.


On launch, we had a strong PR push to drive awareness and introduce the idea to over 50 Millennial-read publishers including tech, pop culture and current affairs.

A 30 second film explained how the HUNGERITHM worked on Facebook video and pre-rolls, alongside Spotify radio and banner display.

The Hungerithm updated 24/7 giving each price a real world backstory, when news broke and the price changed Millennial’s were driven back to the Hungerithm website to get a cheap SNICKERS.

In-store signage and digital display at 7-Eleven drove support; displaying the HUNGERITHM in real time and prompting shoppers to download a barcode.

Over 5 weeks, we promoted Tweets and video content that talked to the fluctuating price and the associated key events angering the Internet (think Trump).

This was complemented by broadcast integration with live price updates on The Morning Show/Daily Show, and 7-Eleven promoting their own posts to drive site visitation.


1. Grow sales of SNICKERS in a key retailer by 10%

- SNICKERS self-consumption sales grew by 19.25% in 7-Eleven, over 67% more SNICKERS units sold compared to the same period as last year

- SNICKERS delivered 55% of 7-Eleven’s growth in self-consumption, meaning SNICKERS helped to grow 7-Eleven’s self-consumption sales to 4.04%, above the national convenience market which declined by 0.16% for the same period

2. Drive brand reach to over 2 million Australians

- SNICKERS mentions increased by 120%

- 1,740% rise in social traffic

- 71 million media impressions (18 - 35 year olds)

- Over 150 articles published globally with the likes of Gizmodo, Mashable, and ETC

- Engagement rates across Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Spotify above platform benchmark


The SNICKERS HUNGERITHM was a response-driven campaign that spoke to people on a one-to-one basis, taking the anger of some and turning it into cheaper SNICKERS for each individual. As anger went up online, SNICKERS prices went down at every 7-Eleven in Australia. Prices changed over 144 times daily, building a relationship with customers who followed the fluctuating price via mobile.

To lock in the current price, customers visited on their mobile, generating a barcode at the click of a button. The mobile barcode could then be scanned at any 7-Eleven. No downloading apps or printing vouchers required.


‘YOU’RE NOT YOU WHEN YOU’RE HUNGRY’ is an insight-rich platform. It suggests that when you’re hungry, you don’t act as yourself. You’re cranky or angry – but a SNICKERS can sort out your hunger and get you back to normal.


So how can we apply this truth to other places when people aren’t themselves?


One of the angriest places in the world is the internet. It’s where people project their feelings in real time. But while the number of #angryhashtags seem to appear all the time, when you break it down an interesting pattern occurs – negative sentiment peaks online between mealtimes.

By flipping Tweets into data-points, we didn’t have to build our own databank or ask anything from people. We simply took a pervasive behaviour and harnessed it for our benefit.

A combined dataset was analysed every 10 minutes and assigned one of 10 different ‘moods’ with a relevant SNICKERS price.


Chocolate bars are one of the most frequently promoted categories in food.

Each week shoppers face an onslaught $1 bars or 2 for $3 offers, which has led to over 50% of all convenience store purchases now happening on promotion.

SNICKERS needed to find a way to tell its ‘YOU’RE NOT YOU WHEN YOU’RE HUNGRY’ story that rose above the noise of price tickets.

But we needed to do so in a way that leveraged the ‘discount hunting’ behaviour consumers want and retailers demand, rather than fight against it.

Based on the above, we set the following objectives:

1. Drive reach of SNICKERS brand communications to over 2 million Millennials beyond TV

2. Increase sales of SNICKERS in a key retailer by 10%, ultimately delivering category growth for the customer

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