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Why is this work relevant for Titanium?

NBA Lane introduced a completely new direction for the NBA and set the bar for other sports leagues to follow. By tying itself to the community the league has created, and speaking directly to the endless imagination of fans, NBA Lane consistently created cultural moments that resonated with both fans and non-fans alike. Across four different films, the campaign proved how clear, insightful thinking paired with effective strategy and coordinated amplification can develop creative that is not only anticipated, but also celebrated by fans.


The NBA’s Diamond Anniversary. 75 years of awe-inducing game.

As the NBA tipped off its 75th Anniversary Season, this was the opportunity to tell a story that not only honored where the NBA has been, but celebrated everywhere it is going. ??

The challenge became - how can we capture the spirit behind 75 years of basketball and honor the history of the league, while also creating excitement for what's to come? The best and most ownable way for the brand to do that was to create a world that housed the why, when, and how the NBA community comes together.

Our objectives were clear - raise awareness for the 75th anniversary, build brand affinity by using both the history and the future outlook of the league, and create a halo-effect around the campaign to boost viewership with both lifelong and casual fans alike.

Describe the creative idea

Welcome to NBA Lane. The world’s greatest, never-ending neighborhood that's home to 75 years of basketball culture. Every NBA Player and Legend live on NBA Lane – rivals are neighbors, teammates host BBQs, and the rules of the real world blend within a basketball utopia. Simply put, NBA Lane is the physical representation of the league itself – one big community built from the collective love of basketball.

Describe the strategy

Fandom is not just a love of the game, but a bond with those who share that love. In its purest form, fandom is an expression of community, a sense of belonging.

Community – both IRL and online – is the unique, driving force behind the NBA being so much more than a sports league. The league was eager to address this idea of community directly during the season that was a celebration of the league’s history, and ultimately a celebration of its fans. And what better way to capture an international, vibrant community than a neighborhood?

Describe the execution

NBA Lane brought 75 years of basketball history to life in a tangible world. Highlighting the major tentpoles of the NBA season, the campaign introduced fans to the neighborhood to tip off the season, invited them in for family dinner during the Christmas Day slate of games, shifted their attention to the NBA Lane Arena for the NBA Playoffs, and then focused on the court itself for the NBA Finals. Throughout 20 days of shooting in 6 separate locations, multiple pick up shots, 54 players and legends, each element was carefully crafted to represent a moment in the league’s lifetime that would resonate with fans.

The film included over 100 easter eggs meant to connect and celebrate new and old fans alike. The neighborhood created a cohesive and immediately recognizable environment. NBA Lane felt like a real parallel universe where a basketball utopia exists.

List the results

In total, we worked with 20 current NBA players, 34 Legends, and 14 celebrity superfans. Plus, a handful of iconic broadcasters, mascots, and puppets. A monumental undertaking for a momentous occasion.

Insightful casting, design, and social content tapped into the layered meaning of our game, keeping fans coming back for more at every major NBA tentpole. Ultimately - driving unparalleled fan conversation, brand love, and media coverage with over 3 billion impressions across paid and institutional, being translated into 18 languages across 200+ countries, and a 60% boost in generating search engagement for the NBA 75th Anniversary compared to the 2020-21 season’s brand campaign. All culminating in driving viewership to the tune of an unprecedented 8% jump in year-over-year TV ratings and the most viewed opening Playoff weekend in more than a decade.

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