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Why is this work relevant for Titanium?

Plasticoff was a very risky idea for Whirlpool as it implied a total change in their packaging system: plastic durability, quality control, distribution and more, but they dared to do the idea and that generated a wow factor in consumers when they learned about the initiative and tested the product.

It was difficult to sell it because of all the global approvals and production costs, but once implemented, it has become one of the company's best initiatives as it has generated a change in consumer behavior and has prevented tons of plastic from reaching


Around the world, plastic production has become a very serious problem as it has a major impact on the environment. In fact, of the 9 billion tons of plastic produced worldwide, barely 9% has been recycled. Only in the home appliance industry, 120 million tons of plastic are quietly produced every year, and 70% of it all winds up in the oceans.

Due to their delayed degradation, these particles are mistaken for food by marine animals, which unfortunately die or live with plastic inside them for their entire lives.

Whirlpool is a company that has been developing technology with purpose for 110 years, so it wanted to launch a campaign to care for the environment and protect our planet by transforming the way it sells its products, contributing to the improvement of the environment where people live and caring for their future through sustainability and environmentally friendly products.

Describe the creative idea

We all know that plastic is a big problem, especially when it comes to packaging products. In response to this, we wanted to take action to counteract it by creating an innovation that would change the perception of the brand from being a generator to a global plastic solver.

This is how Plasticoff was born, the first water-soluble plastic design for large-scale packaging of Whirlpool products, which doesn't leave toxic residues in the environment. We started the plastic change in the brand's premium washing machine models and will soon apply it to the entire commercial line. And not only that, we'll also share this technology with the rest of the industry so that they can apply it in their packaging process and we can enjoy plastic-free natural environments for a more sustainable future.

With Plasticoff we turn a washing cycle into life cycles for the oceans.

Describe the strategy

Analyzing what is happening with Whirlpool's competitors, we realize that all brands use plastic in their packaging, but no one is doing anything to counteract its consumption. And in this universe, consumers are the ones who throw away packaging waste.

So we strategically proposed a scenario in which Whirlpool, as an innovative and technological brand, accepted to transform the traditionalist cycle applied in its packaging, for cycles that would give life to the oceans. This action gave an added value to the brand and its products, making the target perceive it as an innovative brand concerned about the environment.

We understood that we are all part of the problem, and we have to be part of the solution. That is why we reached the place where consumers are: their homes, to show them that small changes make a big difference.

Describe the execution

For Plasticoff development, we worked with a team of scientists, engineers and developers to create a plastic strong enough to package our products based on PVOH polyvinyl alcohol, which together with polyvinyl alcohol, created a sustainable development: a plastic that disintegrates completely in just one minute when in contact with water, is environmentally friendly, resistant and free of toxic residues.

This technology was implemented in the brand's premium washing machine models at a regional level and will soon be applied throughout Whirlpool's production line, reaching all countries where the brand is present. Since its launching in April of this year, it has been widely accepted by consumers, avoiding the waste of thousands of tons of plastic.

Plasticoff is an innovation with a positive impact on the environment, which we'll share with the entire industry so that they can apply it in their production and we can enjoy plastic-free natural environments.

List the results

The impact of Plasticoff was immediate. Despite the short time since its launch, sales have increased exponentially from 120 thousand units to 250 thousand units sold per month. The objective set out in the brief was not only met, but exceeded expectations, giving the brand a purpose and changing its image in the eyes of consumers.

Our idea took on great relevance for the brand, as it had a positive sentiment that shifted from seeing Whirlpool as a traditional brand to an innovative brand that cares about the planet. Plasticoff is not only generating a good reputation for the brand, but it is also changing consumer behavior about the use of plastic in their daily lives.

Whirlpool knows how to take care of things and, with this innovation, is changing consumer habits to live in a more sustainable world and give a plastic-free future to all future generations.

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