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We did not have any regulations or restrictions to overcome.


Around two thirds of kiwi kids aren’t consuming enough calcium and every year 10,000 kids in New Zealand break their arms alone.

X-Ray Casts is an interactive campaign for kids.

If you break a bone, you can get a special X-Ray cast that shows your own break and gives you free calcium rich Anchor milk for the time it takes to heal.


In a media partnership with hospitals and emergency rooms across the country we created posters, leaflets and digital screens that spoke directly to the audience offering help precisely when they needed it.

Patients uploaded their X-ray to our website. We then created bespoke vinyl stickers of their actual break and posted a pack out to them within 24 hours.

The pack contained a super tough sticker that showed their actual X-Ray and had a barcode that could be scanned at supermarkets, giving them free Anchor Calci+ milk throughout their entire healing process.


We’ve seen an incredible uptake with over 700 applications, 63% of kids with breaks in our target audience (who break 59 arms a day on average) applied for a cast - 122 applications in the first 48 hours.

The launch post was twice as engaging, at 3% engagement, as the FMCG industry average (1.52%).

Our video was engaging and relevant to our target, 40% of users who started the video, watched through to the end. Compared to a 15% global average.

The uptake, ongoing conversation and brand engagement has meant this has been hugely successful. The cast allows us to reach audiences well beyond our media, if every child showed their cast to classmates, we’d see this halo affect expose another 19,277 people to the campaign on any one day.

As asked, we’re successfully effecting behaviour and educating our local communities, with genuine product and consumer truths front and centre.


To shift brand perception we delivered something tangible that required a direct response from the consumer, creating a way to interact with the idea with our product at the heart of it.

The X-Ray Cast helped build relevance for the brand in consumers lives, becoming an interactive vehicle for parents to educate their children around the importance of bone health and calcium whilst helping children have fun during the healing process.

We had a clear, simple call to action – for parents of kids with broken bones to apply for their very own x-ray cast, turning a negative into a positive


Research tells us that around two thirds of kiwi kids aren’t consuming enough calcium (Source Food and Nutrition Guidelines for Healthy Children and Young People: a Background Paper. Ministry of Health. 2012.), and every year 10,000 kids in New Zealand break their arms. From the ministry of health data we selected our launch date in March where a clear spike in breaks for our target occurs – identified from 2013, 2014 and 2015 data.

In order to reach these kids we needed an idea that would resonate with parents and their kids, something to pique their interest to engage them with the brand.

But more than just brand building, we wanted to connect on a personal level to educate this audience on how the nutritional benefits of dairy build strong muscles and bones.


As part of a broader masterbrand campaign launch this activity had an important part to play, encouraging kiwis to participate with the brand and helping them understand the new positioning - the launch of ‘go strong’; a new platform encouraging New Zealander’s to champion the bravery to give it a go. The belief that the nutrition in dairy builds physical and mental strength giving Kiwis the courage to get out there and ‘go strong’.

We needed nationwide brand activity, for a tiny $300k budget, that demonstrated this positioning and effected people in their communities, helping to substantiate the wider campaign launch comms.

The objective was to educate parents, and their kids about the nutritional benefits of milk, and keep Anchor top of mind. The brief target was parents with kids, we then refined that to parents with kids 3 – 12.

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