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We believe, promises need to be real. To prove to beer lovers Old Irish really means what it says, we demonstrated the true meaning behind our promise - “discover the real taste of Ireland” and made these words 100 % real.

Our core mission was to convince the audience to give Old Irish a try, because that first sip determines if you like a new craft beer or not.

It turned out that Ireland is closely associated with intense drinking experiences and overly masculine ideas of fun. As a result we tried to keep our representation of the country close to the audience expectations. Majority of beer lovers are active on social media in direct contact with viral content, that’s why we needed a powerful story to arouse interest in the brand. We engaged ordinary people during the experiment, and used their reactions to reach out to beer lovers.

Since teleportation is still not an affordable option, we chose to use Virtual Reality. We filmed the experiment in the streets of Tbilisi - we offered ordinary people to take a virtual tour of Ireland and go to a typical Irish pub in Virtual Reality, while in a matter of seconds our crew built a real Irish pub around unsuspecting “victims”. The real pub was full of actors impersonating Irishman and, of course, lots of beer was around.

The video of the stunt was posted on Old Irish Facebook page.

Result Description:

Thousands of excited comments flooded our Facebook page: “If I drink beer, it’s gotta be Old Irish”“ This ad is so cool I’m going to start drinking beer!'' ``Aww, this is so awesome ^^! It makes me want to run down to the store and get Old Irish.”“This ad deserves I try the beer too'' ``Genius PR works fine, now I wanna try the beer…”“Oh, what a sweet sweet ad I want to try Old Irish”

The video reached more than 500 '000 Georgians organically in the first evening. It had 1 million views in a record 72 hours, which covered more than half of all Internet users in Georgia. 1 '559' 141 total views with 114 '600 positive reactions.

Story was instantly picked up by international media outlets.

We over-performed, because projected desired sales by our client were doubled! Old Irish, a totally unknown craft beer, sold 515’698 liters during the first month after the launch, which is 205% of the planned amount.

Client got called from huge retail chain stores just a few hours after the ad was posted on social media and was told that the stock of Old Irish Beer was running out and they wanted more!

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