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Natakhtari Brewery just introduced a new light beer in Georgia - a country with one of the lowest ranks on the World Happiness Report (125th place out of 155). For the last few years economic crisis, and strained political relations with neighboring countries have been making everyday news headlines more and more stressful. It seems there’s nothing good is happening in Georgia.


How can we inspire an entire nation to take it easy, chill out and lighten up?


Introduce a new beer to young digital natives (18-30) and provoke first trial on a well-saturated market with 56 different beer brands.


A hammock suspended on a drone flew over public places in the biggest cities in Georgia on the day Natakhtari Light was launched. There was a realistic mannequin inside the hammock, casually chilling and moving its arm to sip on a beer bottle.

The stunt looked so real from a distance, many eyewitnesses shot photos and videos which went viral in a matter of hours and turned the flying hammock into breaking news story.


We suspended a hammock on a drone and flew over the largest cities of Georgia. A mannequin in the hammock was engineered to relax and sip on a bottle of beer.

Bystanders thought the stunt was for real, started taking videos and photos.

By the next morning an authentic video shot by one of the eyewitnesses had up to 1.5 million views in Georgia and was already a global sensation - getting covered by a number of international media sources.

Following the buzz, we stepped in with all the media channels to reveal the brand behind this unbelievable stunt, and introduce our brave mannequin. The full story went all over Georgian social media and was covered by local prime-time news and entertainment shows, cutting through the cloud of the usual negativity.

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