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We believe, promises need to be real.

To prove to beer lovers Old Irish really means what it says, we decided to demonstrate true meaning behind our promise “discover the real taste of Ireland”, and make these words 100% real.

We wanted to actually bring a genuine Irish experience to Georgia. Since teleportation is still not an affordable option, we chose use Virtual Reality, another overused advertising tool and gave it a very real twist: taking people on a virtual journey to Irish countryside, Dublin, and a typical Irish pub, while we built an actual Irish pub around them - full of real Irish spirit to help Georgians discover what Ireland really tastes like.


We filmed the experiment in the streets of Tbilisi - we offered ordinary people to take a virtual tour of Ireland and go to a typical Irish pub in Virtual Reality, while in a matter of seconds our crew built a real Irish pub right in front of their eyes. The real pub was full of actors impersonating how Georgians perceive Ireland and lots of beer.

The video of the stunt was posted on Old Irish Facebook page on March 18 with modest placement budget.


Thousands of excited comments flooded our Facebook page:

“If I drink beer, it’s gotta be Old Irish”

“:D This ad is so cool :D I’m going to start drinking beer!”

“Aww, this is so awesome ^^! It makes me want to run down to the store and get Old Irish.”

“This ad deserves I try the beer too :dd”

“Genius :) PR works fine, now I wanna try the beer…”

“Oh, what a sweet sweet ad <3 I want to try Old Irish <3”

The video reached more than 500’000 Georgians organically in the first evening. 1 million views in a record 72 hours covered more than a half of all Internet users in Georgia.

1’559’141 total views with 114’600 positive reactions. Story was instantly picked up by international media.

A totally unknown craft beer sold 515’698 liters during the first month after launch is 205% of the planned amount.

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100% Real Virtual Reality


100% Real Virtual Reality


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