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We simply set an uplifting example for everyone to see and believe in.

We decided to stage a public stunt to engage an entire country and help people cheer up a bit. A man in the hammock is a true Georgian symbol of having no worries. We gave a new life to the legend by making it fly with a simple, surreal solution - hang it on a drone.


We suspended a hammock on a drone and flew over the largest cities of Georgia. A mannequin in the hammock was engineered to relax and sip on a bottle of beer.

Bystanders thought the stunt was for real, started taking videos and photos.

By the next morning an authentic video shot by one of the eyewitnesses had up to 1.5 million views in Georgia and was already a global sensation - getting covered by a number of international media sources.

Following the buzz, we stepped in with all the media channels to reveal the brand behind this unbelievable stunt, and introduce our brave mannequin. The full story went all over Georgian social media and was covered by local prime-time news and entertainment shows, cutting through the cloud of the usual negativity.


Results for the first 2 weeks:

We virally reached 67% of all Georgians online.

2.5 million total video views in Georgia.

50,932 positive Reactions, comments & shares.

150 online articles describing the full story.

34 million total video views globally

There is no data about actual sales yet, but the demand from retail stores and wholesalers has increased by 81% after our campaign took off.

And that’s just for the two weeks into the campaign! The flying hammock is still in the air to promote Natakhtari light and remind Georgians to lighten up.

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