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5G Edge

140NYC, New Jersey / VERIZON / 2021

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5G Edge represents a new world of transformation through MEC (Mobile Edge Compute), a network architectural model that unlocks incredible speed and compute power. We introduced this in a way that has never been seen before from Verizon: a view from inside our network.

Our film takes the brand design system to the edge, and then beyond: Into a world of color, graphic geometry, and multidimensional expressions of speed that shift and change, visualizing all the unique possibilities of 5G MEC.

Ultimately, we showed that at great speed, the rigid black and white palette Verizon adheres to is in fact a full spectrum. The color has always been there, within the network, just waiting to be released.


After introducing 5G Edge in 2019, it was time in 2020 to demonstrate and inspire through real-life applications.

We knew there was room to push some of our design rules, while still embracing the graphic approach that’s a centerpiece of the Verizon brand and staying grounded in the world of kinetic typography that is very much leading the way in the industry. Bold and simple.

In a sector where each carrier has its own color, we brought the full spectrum into play. We wanted to cast color as a chaotic, fast-paced impression left behind in the mind’s eye. Color represents the future of data transfer, speeds at measurements that don’t make sense. Color represents a future technology usually invisible, but made visible here.

We had a desire to go further and explore the boundaries of design—stretch into new territory while maintaining our grounded Verizon brand through a straightforward approach to type and layout.

As we pushed the design further, we searched for something—a look that didn’t exist yet. Something that felt current, yet rooted in a timeless, graphic simplicity. Something that felt familiar, almost Jungian. Something rich in contrasts. Sharp edges meet soft, muted glows which suddenly turn impossibly bright. Is it the work of a pioneering video artist from the 60s? Or was it created with current-gen graphics software? It’s a little bit of both, yet neither.

We imagined the boundary between black and white as the event horizon of a black hole or the face of a prism, and the entrance into the 5G dimension of possibilities. In this way, the spectrum evolved out where the brand had been in the past.

Gradients and geometric shapes became new characters for our design system, and created a film that walked the edge between the old system and the new

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