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A Look Can Say A Lot

GOOGLE, Los Angeles / GOOGLE / 2023

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This short film was conceived for the 2022 Oscars and was inspired by great performances in cinema that relied on the communicative power of the human eye. Introducing Google’s new free assistive technology, Look-to-Speak, people with motor disabilities learned they could communicate using eye movements and an Android phone.

The spot featured Antoinette Fernandes, one of the 26 million people with disabilities in India. Many Indians do not have access to assistive technology, but they do have access to an Android cell phone. Using the Look to Speak app, people with speech and motor impairment like Antoinette can use their eyes to select pre-written phrases and have a digital voice say them out loud, now in 5 Indian languages.


The spot is comprised entirely of shots of eyes. With an intense, almost otherworldly close-up of a single eye, the spot begins with the words, “a look can say a lot” before taking the viewer on a journey through dozens of emotions. Sublime looks of romantic and maternal love, complicated moments of conflict, and expressions of joy cascade through the spot as the voiceover engages the audience to think about what a simple look can say.

This short film culminates in a woman with an advanced motor disability using her eyes to control a cell phone app. At first, we don’t totally understand what she’s trying to say—until she uses her eye movements to select the phrase “It’s nice to see you” and smiles.


The spot played to millions during the 2022 Oscars telecast and was posted to Google’s YouTube masthead page with over a million views.

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