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DOUBLEYOU, Barcelona / AUDI / 2015

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For the launch of the new A3 Cabrio, we were looking for a promotional campaign capable of adding value to the sensations that air makes us experience while driving this car.

To achieve this, we needed to transform something as intangible as air into something that people could see, touch and feel.

And we did so through the creation of a real product: a collection of airs with designation of origin. We launched four different cans of air, inspired by the most iconic landscapes of Spain.

We created an e-shop in which users could buy different varieties of air which had to be paid with a tweet or a Facebook post. We also installed a real vending machine at airports and at various events, which also worked using social currency, helping Audi sell more than 70,000 cans.

All the communication campaign was structured through the launch of this promotional product.


In June 2014 an e-shop was launched to present the collection of airs. At the same time, rich media banners, and print ads on magazines and newspapers presented the collection focusing on the product and inviting people to visit the e-shop.

On the website, an animated video explained the project to the users, who could get their favourite cans, and schedule a test drive at any Audi Car Dealer in Spain.

During the summer, the new Audi A3 Cabrio was presented at different events (FC Barcelona Joan Gamper Tournament, Golf Tournaments, ID Magazine party, airports…) while an interactive vending machine sold cans of air that the attendees could buy paying with social currency.

The social success of the campaign caught the attention of Spanish journalists and bloggers.


More than 70,000 cans were sold in Spain during the campaign.

More than 27,000 cans were sold on the e-shop.

More than 43,000 cans were distributed through vending machines installed at airports and special events.

The campaign achieved more than 12,000 mentions in social networks, magazines and blogs.

The interest in the New Audi A3 Cabrio increased by 36%* (Information provided by Audi Spain).

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