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AirPods Pro—Jump

TBWA\MEDIA ARTS LAB, Los Angeles / APPLE / 2021


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AirPods Pro are the most versatile headphones on the market. And even though we weren’t launching anything new at the time we wanted to remind our loyal audience the power of the product. We needed to create a film that showcased their abilities in a magical and joyful way. Displaying the freedom of movement they facilitate.


A film in which a young man turns his world into a literal playground. A double dutch journey through an entire city block. Transforming barber poles, neon signs, and even the lines on a basketball court into his jump ropes. Exhibiting the features of the product, while constantly one-upping the magic of the world. A film that exudes joy from start to finish.


We wanted the magic of the spot to be subtle yet surprising with choreography that felt like something you’ve never seen before. The goal was to make a film that constantly gripped your attention and never let you know what was coming next.

Casting was an immense part of this. We were looking for a main character so specific that it took nearly a month of searching through double dutch crews throughout the world before we found Kengo in Japan.

The next big thing was creating objects that could function as jump ropes. This was a much bigger task than we anticipated, as the objects needed to be made of specific dimensions and materials in order to function as legitimate ropes for double dutch. This required a lot of material testing and choreography to get right.

Ultimately, the goal was to make a film that felt simultaneously real and unbelievable.


The film was launched during the GRAMMYS. Appearing as the first spot after a musical performance. It continued to run on broadcast, as well as various streaming platforms, including Hulu. The film is currently still running on broadcast and streaming platforms as of the writing of this submission.



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