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AOL, New York / SONY / 2012






Branded entertainment is the opportunity for brands to become enablers of premium content and social & interactive experiences that engage the brand's targeted audiences on multiple platforms and in a variety of formats both online & offline. We develop entertainment partnerships with premier celebrity talent, influencers, producers and content creators to provide advertisers and audiences original, interactive and social content experiences. These entertainment experiences provide brands the opportunity to engage their targeted audiences by organically aligning and integrating their messaging, products, creative assets (colors/fonts/ad units) and themes into/around the content. Interactive and social engagement extensions include rich media units, mobile (apps), social media channels, interactive technologies, gamification (points/badging), user-generated content, polls/quizzes, contests, etc. Successful branded entertainment requires a targeted distribution plan that analyzes where, what, when and how the targeted audiences want to engage with and consume content. Branded entertainment is often distributed across multiple platforms, mediums and formats including interactive ad units, social media, custom destinations, promotions, partnerships, celebrity/influencer/blogger channels, and the brand owned channels themselves.U.S. advertising restrictions apply to users under the age of 13 (COPPA) and certain food/alcohol/cigarette/pharma brands.


Marketing/PR efforts online & offline as well as brand-driven content distribution.Editorial coverage: Education/HuffPost Teens/Cambio/HuffPost Books/HuffPost Culture/Cambio/Comics Alliance/AOL Mail.Social media: Partner sourced to create and manage original social media campaigns/profiles/direct outreach/contesting.

PR: Press release and targeted interviews with Mark Burnett including Hollywood Reporter, USA Today, Seventeen Magazine, New York Times, TubeFilter and AOL You've seriesCliffsNotes/Wiley Publishing: CliffsNotes Films ads inserted into the print editions & comics distributed in-store & online. Dedicated custom page, homepage links and messaged registered users through social media and email blasts.

Targeted display ads: Facebook/Twitter/StumbleUpon/YouTube.


The CliffsNotes Films branded content experience successfully engaged Sony Pictures film Anonymous with a valuable, diverse and extensive AOL audience from teens & young adults to educators to movie fans to parents to literary buffs. The film's themes, characters and release date were messaged organically to the targeted audiences at scale with superior engagement metrics through compelling, interactive content, social media, PR, direct conversations and interactive gaming (polls/quizzes/badging/points/contesting). The film's awareness was tangibly increased through its association and integration into CliffsNotes Films illustrated by audience engagement/reach metrics/comments/shares and awareness polls for the film during its release..

CliffsNotes Films unquestionably delivered a premium original production and successful execution of ‘edutainment’, becoming a viral hit among teens, young adults, teachers, and devout fans of the classics from across the world.

Organic traffic generated through successful engaging/viral content, targeted marketing, PR, partnership activations, SEO, social media and editorial coverage.Metrics 10/3-11/3 – 1 Month campaign:-1,370,000+ page views-1,000,000+ visitors-3.5million+ video views (including AOL video syndication)-Average time spent per visitor: 4.2+ minutes -10,000+ shares of content-87% of referring traffic came from outside of the AOL Network-22% of users engaged with in-video hot-spotting

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