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The campaign zeroes in on the MySTC Store, endeavoring to thrust its offerings into the limelight and reshape public perception. The objective is to engender awareness, generate buzz, and foster familiarity among the audience for the specific brands and products offered by the MySTC Store. The campaign, steering clear of technical intricacies, seeks to evoke emotions and encapsulate the essence of consumer experiences tied to the MySTC Store.


The creative idea revolves around a trilogy of three 25-second bite-sized films that cleverly and humorously showcase the extensive range of products available at the MySTC Store. Drawing inspiration from successful campaigns, the films employ witty and entertaining sketches to playfully respond to consumer queries, shining a spotlight on the diverse offerings of the MySTC Store in a refreshing and humorous manner. This innovative approach diverges from conventional STC ads, aligning with the brand's aspiration for timeless, content-driven campaigns.


The strategy involves leveraging humor and relatable scenarios within the communication to connect with the Saudi audience, with a specific focus on the MySTC Store's offerings. By presenting content in a humorous and engaging manner, the campaign aims to resonate with the youth and create a memorable impact, emphasizing the wide array of products available. The bite-sized format is strategically chosen to align with the preferences of the Saudi audience for concise and entertaining content, ensuring maximum engagement and positive reception across various platforms. Examples from successful campaigns serve as reference points to illustrate the efficacy of this approach in capturing audience attention and fostering brand recognition.


The execution involves a series of three bite-sized films, each lasting 25 seconds, carefully crafted to showcase the diverse products available at the MySTC Store. Drawing inspiration from the successful communication formats of past campaigns, the sketches employ lighthearted humor and relatable scenarios to answer consumer queries, creating an entertaining narrative that resonates with the Saudi audience. The implementation timeline ensures timely and relevant releases, while the strategic placement across various platforms maximizes reach. The scale of the campaign is optimized for broad exposure, ensuring that the humorous content reaches a diverse audience, thereby achieving the desired familiarity and recognition for the MySTC Store's offerings. Examples from past campaigns serve as reference points to illustrate the effectiveness of this execution strategy in capturing audience attention and fostering brand recognition.


In terms of reach, the campaign exceeded expectations, delivering a total of 90,338,826 impressions across Facebook, Instagram, X, and Snapchat, showcasing its wide and impactful reach. The engagement metrics were equally impressive, with a total of 154,085 clicks, interactions, and completed views, indicating a highly engaged audience. The campaign also had a substantial impact on sales, directly contributing to a significant increase in product sales from the MySTC store. This boost in sales not only met but surpassed the set business targets, affirming the campaign's effectiveness in driving tangible business outcomes. The overall achievement against business targets underscores the campaign's success in not only creating buzz and familiarity but also in delivering concrete and measurable results aligned with STC's objectives.

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