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ASUS Republic Of Gamers Unlock Ultimate Power

IRIS, London / ASUS / 2017

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How do you unlock a cynical market of PC gamers that hate advertising with just £30k media spend? Create the one thing guaranteed to grab their attention. A game – UNLOCK ULTIMATE POWER.

We knew they wouldn’t willingly enter our world. We’d have to enter of theirs. So we joined forces with premier e-sports team, ECHO FOX, to fuel and spread the campaign.

Every element felt like a game, from they way it looked and sounded to how it was delivered. From hacked security cameras and cryptic websites to seemingly impossible ciphers and fake ads, every clue adopted creative cues from the gaming world.

The more you played the more you were rewarded. As well as the chance to win daily prizes, fans that went to 100% completion had the chance to win one of three customised gaming laptops and the ultimate gaming bootcamp experience with their ECHO FOX heroes.


We began by hacking the live Twitch streams of ECHO FOX pro-gamers - FROGGEN, FREAKAZOID, and NESLO – and the game was on.

Fans were challenged to unlock 5 hidden codes in 5 days to win daily ASUS prizes, 1 of 3 custom-made ASUS R.O.G gaming laptops, and an exclusive gaming bootcamp at the Echo Fox training facility in LA.

Our 3 pro-gamers released clues to the codes in a variety of ways – from hacked security footage and special Twitch chat commands, to online films for fake gaming products, bizarre web games, and complicated cryptography puzzles.

Winners of the custom laptops were revealed in an online film that showed ASUS R.O.G operatives across the globe delivering their epic prizes in equally epic fashion.

Finally, we concluded with a documentary-style film of three lucky fans attending their epic gaming bootcamp experience with ECHO FOX at their LA training facility.


With a media budget of just £30k, UNLOCK ULTIMATE POWER:

• Increased ASUS’ reach from 2.5m gamers to 134m (increase of 5260%)

• Increased ASUS’ social engagement from 14k to 113k (increase of 707%).

• Increased ASUS’ social media following by 200,000 fans

• Increased the ASUS forum by 9,000 members

• Increased social conversation by 60% compared to pre-campaign.

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