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IRIS WORLDWIDE, London / MINI / 2014

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‘Here’s to You’

The idea - A celebration of the fans’ Not Normal passion for MINI.

We scoured social media for fan creations, sourced the originators, then saluted their tributes on digital posters and online. Each ad saluted the creator with a fun copy line followed by their real name or social ID.

A 100% digital OOH strategy, allowed us to update 6, 48 and 96-sheet poster sites in real time.

Comms inspired fans to share their NOT NORMAL creations via our Tumblr hub or #MININOTNORMAL.

For 1 month tributes were turned into content daily for social media and DOOH.


In 6 weeks 230,000 engaged with the campaign via social media (including 85,000 via Buzzfeed) while millions watched the story unfold through digital out of home and PR.

2,217 pieces of UGC were shared, over 300 of which were given the bespoke NOT NORMAL branding treatment.

29,420 new fans and followers recruited (twitter following tripled).

3,858 visitors to the campaign hub went on to look for a new MINI on 11% became qualified dealership leads.

Over 77 PR articles written.

5.6 million experienced what owning a MINI means.

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