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Challenge: Create a piece of communication that immerses Benefit Cosmetics' 2,000 employees and managers all over the world in the nature and origins of the brand.Objectives: Capture and communicate the attitude and personality of the brand to these global managers and employees so that they understand they are doing much more than selling lipstick and blushers.Strategy: Combine company history with contemporary content to create a feature film in the style of a variety show that paints a cohesive portrait of the brand’s sensibilities and personality.Execution: Rather than create an expected 'corporate video' or a traditional fashion industry documentary, we created a long form film in the mould of a classic 1970's style variety show. 'Glamouriety' showcases Benefit's unique combination of glamour and variety by featuring the many different influences, stories and products that combine to make Benefit Cosmetics a true original in the cosmetics world.

Outcome: After a successful launch in the United States with premières in San Francisco to 250 employees and in New York at the Tribeca Film Festival, Glamouriety was then unveiled in multiple global cities such as London, Paris, Sydney and Seoul, to 95% of the 2,000 employees via a travelling road show.


We knew if our employees could fully experience the brand's history and sense of humour, it would become a deeper part of our culture, and ultimately contributing to a stronger brand. We took 30 years of folklore and turned it into a long form variety style show consisting of original music, dance numbers, animated shorts, cross-dressing farmers, singing strippers and talking mannequin heads.

The film was first screened in San Francisco where it all started with over 250 employees. It then premièred to beauty editors and fashion press in New York during the Tribeca Film Festival. After meeting with tremendous success in the U.S., the film premièred in global cities where Benefit boutiques had recently opened (Seoul, Shanghai, London and Paris.) It is now the centrepiece of a travelling roadshow that continues to surprise and delight the 2,000 employees and managers across the globe.


The response was overwhelmingly enthusiastic at the film’s first showing in March 2012 to 250 employees in San Francisco. It was then screened during the Tribeca Film Festival in New York in April. Glamouriety then became the centrepiece of a travelling road show making stops in Shanghai, Seoul, London and Paris. By the end of 2012 it will have been seen by 95% of all employees. Employees and managers have been inspired and possess a new-found appreciation and respect for the brand.“In all my years in beauty I have never experienced such a unique and wonderful company event.”"A fabulous way to celebrate our brand. It made me proud to be part of Benefit!"“The film demonstrated the history and staying power of our brand.”"There is no way I could have imagined planning our country roll out without having experienced the Glamouriety premiere. "

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