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Our campaign lived online. Branded, online entertainment is something that is certainly gaining momentum as brands and agencies see the increased opportunities of reaching audiences online that consume content in different ways. It can be said that the execution of such projects is still in its infancy in terms of a brand's willingness to 'let go' of their traditional marketing methods and embrace branding exercises, like Blind Gate, as opposed to selling products through the more traditional means of TV advertising, pre-roll and online commercials.

Blind Gate was unique in its combination of real-time, experiential and branded content to create a branded entertainment series that lived where its target audience did and not forcing it onto them through intrusive advertising and blocking. Blind Gate did not have an aggressive media plan. It relied on coverage from its media partners, contestants and existing social platforms to spread the series organically. This was a branding exercise, designed to drive awareness around the LA-London route and spread the message that the economy SkyCouch is so good, you could even go to LA on a long weekend.


We teamed up with The Guardian Newspaper who featured content in advertorial pieces, hard column inches and online exposure. We drew participants directly from the Guardian 'SoulMates' column, telling the stories of the dates and featuring our content on a bespoke Guardian Platform and through banner ads.

We had a large portion of the shoot as experiential. Air New Zealand pushed out flyers on their flights, banner advertising on their social platforms and websites while our 'Live Show' in the middle of Heathrow Terminal 1 drew a natural and surprised audience to the series through direct, real life, engagement.


Though still early on in measuring the success of the campaign, the LA-London route has already had its most successful year to date (up over 26%). The series was picked up and covered by: CNN, DigitalSpy, Female First/Male Extra, The Drum, Travel Bite, Contagious, Marketing, TV3 and more.

(n.b view-counts up to date as of 19/04/13)

Main Series Episodes x 5 : Total Views: 605,000+

Teasers/Trailers/Showdrivers x 8 : Total Views: 399,500+

7,357 'Watch and Win your own LA Long Weekend' entries.

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