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LODUCCA, Sao Paulo / PEUGEOT / 2012

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'RCZ View' is a website that creates a custom stop motion animation of your route using Google’s Street View imagery. It was only released to bloggers and in no time the website received a lot of attention, including coverage on Fast Company and The Next Web. So far, 11.900+ routes have been created by people from all over the world.


We developed a website that allows you to create custom stop motion animations of your routes. That’s how we do it: First we ask you to enter your route. Then we track all points (latitude and longitude) that make the route. Then we pull from Google Street View the photo of each point. And lastly, we organize all the photos one after the other and play the sequence as a stop motion movie.So now you can visualize and share your own stop motion routes or watch the routes that other people have created. Users are using RCZ View to create touristic routes like from the Louvre to the Eiffel tour, interesting routes like crossing the Berlin wall, besides the day-today routes like from home to work.The feature of watching your own route was key to get the interest from bloggers to write about RCZ View. Many have even shared links to the routes they created while testing the site before writing about it.Even the guys from Google Labs tweeted about the website. The execution was indeed innovative. It was the first project that actually accomplished the task of making Google Street View into moving pictures.


From the launch (in November) until March:• 47.000+ visits;• 3 minutes of average time on site;• 11.300+ routes created;• All cars sold;• Worldwide media coverage, including: Fast Company, The Next Web, FWA, Brainstom 9, etc.

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