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DROGA5, New York / UNDER ARMOUR / 2017


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Online chatter about Curry spiked while he was actually playing, so we knew people watched while cruising social media. All the hype was focused on his three-point shots, each one becoming its own in-game event. So we hijacked the second-screen experience to turn Curry’s biggest moments—his threes—into Under Armour moments, too.

Every single time Curry hit a three during the 2016 playoffs, we tweeted a new three-second ad starring Curry right as the shot dropped, linking his incredible on-court performances with Under Armour in real time for the Warriors entire two-and-a-half-month-long playoff run.


Before the playoffs, we shot over a hundred 3-second ads with Stephen Curry, planning ahead for different situations so each ad would be contextual when it was tweeted out. Some were for when Curry broke a shooting record. Some were for when he hit back to back 3's. Some were specifically for buzzer beaters. Some were even for crazy acrobatic plays. Others were for when he was having an incredible game. We organized each 3-second ad into contextual categories then during games we simply tweeted out the right 3-second ad based off of the 3-point shot Curry made through Under Armour Basketball’s Twitter handle, right as he made it. By the end of Curry’s two and a half month long playoff run, we’d released 91 original 3-second ads, all for less than the cost of airing a playoff spot once.


The results were impressive. The project was viewed in 53 countries, garnering 130 million social media impressions, driving a 20 percent increase in global conversations linking Curry with Under Armour. In the end we’d released 91 original three-second ads giving us two-and-a-half-months of original content. And we did it all for less than the cost of airing a playoff spot once.

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