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Celebrating Endless Love

OGILVY & MATHER, Bangalore / AMAZON / 2016

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We live in a world where love is uncertain. Taking this as an opportunity, Amazon India decided to inspire young lovers. By narrating a real heart-warming story of a 100 year old man who is still in love with his late wife, conveyed a message that true love is a bond that should be cherished forever.


The campaign was executed by releasing a film. It was promoted on social platforms namely Twitter, Facebook and YouTube from 7-16th February, 2016 i.e. a week prior to Valentine’s Day to generate buzz on social media.


The heart-warming film made youngsters interact with the brand through tweets and comments. Several websites, and a TV talk show voluntarily covered the story. Young couples expressed their love by uploading their photos along with the hashtag - #CelebratingEndlessLove. Brand awareness lift was the highest from the age group 25-34 while the overall social media reach of the campaign was 39 million media impressions.

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