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In Sweden it's tax deductible for companies to buy Christmas presents, such as chocolate boxes and ginger cookies, but not to donate to charity and help children in need. The brief for this campaign that is now running for it’s second year was to protest against this bizarre legislation and to raise money.

The campaign was targeted to all companies in Sweden.

To bypass Swedish legislation we opened up Save The Children’s Christmas gift shop. In the shop companies can buy typical Swedish Christmas gifts at insanely high prices. The second year we raised the prices to even more absurd levels and gave companies an offer to buy gifts at "even more amazing prices".


1. Interactive – the gift shop itself.

2. Big and small format newspaper ads designed as typical discount advertising, but with remarkable high prices, urging companies to shop.3. Banner advertising in the form of typical discount ads but with remarkable high prices.

4. Direct email to Swedish companies offering them to buy their gifts in Save The Children’s Christmas shop. The mail was designed as typical discount advertising, but with remarkable high prices.

5. Share functionality via Facebook and Twitter so people could spread the word about the shop and show everybody the gifts they had bought.6. User generated mail that you could send from the shop to your colleagues, business associates and friends.


The shop offers a new and fun way to donate and at the same time protesting by urging the government to rethink this legislation. It also gave Save The Children a clear advantage to competitors since we offered companies to donate without having to pay tax.The campaign was a PR success and generated a lot of debate, TV news coverage and numerous articles. The number of company donors increased by 150% after the campaign and this year for the first time ever Save The Children became the number one money raising charity in Sweden.

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