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Child’s labor problem is in front of the eyes of everyone but no one is talking about it, we need to get close to another sense that may worked better and people was willing to hear. Over 500,000 people calls every day to our call centers we want to surprise them on their mobiles and with cero budget is was the perfect media to arise the problem.

We looked for kids and gave them the possibility that on child’s Labor Day, they could use their voice as a catalyst for a message that was strong and profound and could reach deep into Peruvians, being unyielding because is given by the victims.


The execution was straightforward, the brand looked for kids who wanted to push the message forward full of sentiment and conviction. They were the once trusted with the proposal because only them suffer the consequences and only then can lead with strong commitment to the cause. Only one owned media our call center worked as trigger and spread the word nationwide.

By being implemented in the main channel of communication between the brand and the consumer, it was heard by each of the callers throughout the Childs Labor Day. The reach was so immense, that it was covered by almost every news channel and replied by much of the influential people of the city.


With 0 budget and just one day our results were over our expectation:

20 million media impressions opening the debate on a subject not so much discussed in traditional media.

Calls increased 30% more. That means 650,000 calls in that day willing to hear the message.

The idea became a global action in all the countries in the world where Telefonica Foundation operates.

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