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LOV, Sao Paulo / MAGAZINE LUIZA / 2013

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In order to create a stronger bond with their clients, some retail stores still use direct mail, e-mail and sms. But we think it is not good enough.

That's why we've created a new way to be part of the consumer's life: a special mobile SIM card that offers free access to social media, websites, e-mails and special offers. Day and night. For just US$5.

Magazine Luiza is the first to introduce the most innovative loyalty program ever made, where consumers can actually use it all day long.


10% increase on mobile sales (first month)

125.000 daily users

7% more use than other chips (average)


CHIP LUIZA if different from a regular Direct Marketing campaign because the product – the chip itself – stimulates continuous relationship with the client base. The LUIZA menu is available 24/7 to every user. The campaigns via “SMART MESSAGE” (PUSH) are updated weekly, in accordance to the company’s campaigns and goals.

By creating a link between the creative execution and the technology within the SIM card, CHIP LUIZA was transformed in a relationship platform with exclusive content to pre-paid users mostly from middle-class and lower-middle class.


In circa six months CHIP LUIZA was sold to more than 350,000 people, with 280,000 active users interacting every month. About 20% of these filled in their General Registration Number to receive specific relationship actions.

This new communication and marketing channel reduced the SMS expenditures and generated monthly revenue of about R$800,000.00 due to “SMART MESSAGE” campaigns. It has also generated a new source of revenue due to the recharges bought through the SIM card’s menu.

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