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Color For the Colorblind

FCB CHICAGO, Chicago / VALSPAR / 2016

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Our idea is that by bringing colors to those who can’t see it, we remind those who do to appreciate it. Valspar partnered with EnChroma to bring their optical technology to the colorblind so that they could see color for the first time. Anchored by a short documentary, titled “ Color for the Colorblind,” our campaign shares personal stories from colorblind individuals and their reactions to experiencing the full spectrum of color for the first time in their life. We inspired action by bringing the story to life through a multi-channel approach.


More than helping the colorblind see color for the first time, Valspar wanted to ignite conversation around the impact of color in our lives. The documentary launched via social media, was the centerpiece of a multi-channel campaign. A digital destination – allowed users to submit stories around #ColorForAll. As viewers shared stories, our teams responded to fuel conversation about colorblindness and the appreciation of color.

Staying true to our mission, Valspar gifted the life-changing EnChroma glasses to those with compelling stories collected at the website. We’re also bringing glasses to people in the real world where seeing the full color spectrum truly matters. In coordination with the film, we installed special displays in paint stores with the glasses allowing the colorblind to choose colors for their homes for the first time. Through a partnership with the Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago, Valspar made the glasses available to colorblind patrons.


By bringing color to the colorblind, Valspar brought a greater appreciation of color to everyone and created the first global colorblind community where none existed before. The film was tested by BrainJuicer as part of their FeelMore research that connects emotion to purchase. It received a five-star rating and an 83.10 score — which ranked in the top 50 of all global ads tested for 2015.

The campaign had over 800 million earned media impressions, and the EnChroma glasses sold out. Tens of thousands of shares and likes helped spread the idea. But, more importantly, the 300 million colorblind in the world now have the opportunity to see color for the first time.

Thus far, more than 5.9 million views have been generated and 94% of social sentiment is positive/neutral, increasing brand sentiment for Valspar by more than 10 points. The film also made YouTube's Most Watched Videos for March

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