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AMPLIFY, London / GOOGLE / 2019

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In late-2018, Google prepared to launch Pixel 3 into an overcrowded smartphone market. WIth competitors - iPhone, Samsung and Huawei - dominating share using sizeable and similar marketing campaigns, the challenge was to not only deliver a brand experience that would stand out in the sea of same, but also increase purchase consideration for Pixel 3 by an ambitious 10% amongst a tech-savvy target audience

To do it, we delivered an experientially-led campaign and destination designed to reinforce Google Pixel’s global communications platform of ‘Be curious: make every day more extraordinary’.

Not only did the brand experience have to showcase the best features of the new phone, pique the audience’s curiosity, and get them to the activation, it also had to create a platform for content creation that would ensure the campaign captured attention wherever the audience were.


Google Pixel’s Curiosity Rooms was a destination designed to turn everyday culture into something more extraordinary with the power of Google Pixel 3.

Set in the heart of Piccadilly Circus (London’s busiest retail district), Curiosity Rooms delivered an experiential landscape across three floors. A space underpinned by rich architectural and experience design, it became a landmark destination where guests could get hands on with the Pixel 3 and its features, as well as a content engine where media partners could tell stories that amplified far beyond its physical location.

From window design that pulled in street traffic and became immersive product experiences playing back to the world outside, to an in-house auditorium and basement theatre made for a culturally-curated programme of talks, workshops, partnerships and podcasts, we reimagined retail design and brand experience in a space designed to appeal to our audience’s curiosity.


Targeting an audience of 25-44 year old tech-savvy, influential change-makers – Google wanted to build on previous Pixel launches and create an experience that increased purchase consideration in this group by an ambitious 10%.

We also knew from research that they are a curious, experience-driven group - with 70%* seeking out cultural encounters over possessions.

To satisfy their innate curiosity to look at the world with fresh eyes, our strategy established the foundation to create a landmark destination made for extraordinary experiences and new cultural collaborations.

Nine media and content partnerships (inc. Vogue, GQ, Guardian, Hypebeast) produced over 200 pieces of content from the space – reaching over 30m people and turning Curiosity Rooms into a content engine designed to attract and increase purchase consideration amongst the target audience.

*Young Blood 2 - British Youth Culture white paper


Core to the design of Curiosity Rooms was creating both a space people wanted to visit, and one that would travel through social and digital content.

From a reimagined laundrette made for discovering new fashion through an AI lens, to a car wash perfect for group selfies, the upper floors were powered by feature-led experiences championing Pixel 3 and turning everyday normcore culture into something extraordinary

Downstairs, the 15,000 square foot basement housed our cultural events programme. From podcasts to talks, catwalk shows to dining experiences, it was our most versatile canvas and transformed as a landscape and stage night after night, show after extraordinary show.

Add to that 12 showcase windows on Regent Street and Piccadilly that pulled in passing street traffic to become experiences playing back to the world outside, and we created a space that broke the rules of the high street.


Setting out to increase purchase consideration amongst the target audience by 10%, Google Pixel’s Curiosity Rooms far surpassed it – with those visiting the space showing a +34% lift, and those viewing partner content showing lifts up to +17%.

Successfully launching Pixel 3 in London over 5 weeks, Curiosity rooms reimagined retail conventions to become the highest selling door for Pixel 3 in the UK and disrupt the smartphone conversation in an extraordinary way.

71,000+ visitors

21 min avg. dwell time

83% interaction with experiences inside

89% felt their visit had a positive influence on their perception of Google Pixel 3

70% would consider buying a Pixel 3 or Pixel 3 XL in the next 6 months

30m reached through media and partnerships

50m+ reached through social

+17% uplift in consideration for those viewing partner content

+34% uplift in purchase consideration for those attending Curiosity Rooms

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