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FORSMAN & BODENFORS, Gothenburg / IKEA / 2011

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Every year in October IKEA launches a big wardrobe and storage campaign in Sweden. This year they asked us to think twice about the campaign structure. Could we give a real vitamin injection to one of the least sexy categories in home furnishing?

Storage is something very rational. Wardrobes, shelves and wire baskets live in a remote corner in people's hearts. But the stuff we put inside wardrobes, clothes, shoes, hats, jewellery... all that is highly emotional. We decided to exploit that contradiction and establish the unlikely link between the glamourous world of fashion and IKEA. The solution became a nationwide event that also became the hub for communication in all media.


99% of all baking books is about the result, the cookie, images of how it looks when it comes out of the oven. Our idea was: Why don’t we do the opposite, why don’t we make something big out of the ingredients instead?

The solution was to design each recipe on two spreads. The first spread showing the beautiful ingredients and a text of the recipe. When you changed spread you came to the result, the cookie.


Our baking book has probably been the most talked about baking book in the history of baking books. The Guardian wrote about it. New York Magazine too. To name but a few.

The iPhone app was, and still is, one of the most downloaded apps in the swedish App Store (the app was only available in Sweden).All and all the campaign reached a bit over 40 million people, without IKEA spending one dollar on media.

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