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Jeep needed to introduce its plug in hybrid lineup of vehicles, named “4xe,” and make a splash globally. It was critical for Jeep to protect its core off-road enthusiast base AND invite new folks into the brand. While Jeep and nature have always shared a deep connection, this new, eco-friendly 4xe vehicle proved that Jeep & nature are now in perfect harmony. We leaned into a music driven creative approach, but quickly realized that a large portion of people around the world who suffer from hearing loss would miss out on experiencing the ad and, therefore, miss the ability to connect with the brand.


The “Earth Odyssey” spot was created for a global audience. But because it was musically driven in nature, we recognized that it might not be as accessible to the millions of people around the globe who suffer from some sort of debilitating hearing loss. So we set out to make an often overlooked utility – the captions – as entertaining as the rest of the commercial.


Over 400 million people around the world are hearing impaired. Closed captioning an ad is often a box to check when making the spot ADA compliant, but it can lead to a lackluster viewing experience for these folks - especially for music driven work.


The theme to Stanley Kubrick’s classic “2001: Spacey Odyssey” film is an epic song known around the world and is often used to celebrate the arrival of something new and impressive to our world. But we wanted people to hear it in a way they never had – from the mouths and beaks of animals.


The spot garnered over 4.8M impressions and was recognized by Google, The Drum & Ads of the World. It was also listed as a Top 10 Ad of the Year by AdAge and Adweek.

Most importantly, website visits increased by 11% overnight and the Jeep Wrangler 4xe became the #1 selling PHEV in America. In Brazil, the Jeep Compass 4xe sold 2 months worth of inventory in 5 hours after the campaign launched.

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