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When the beginning of the pandemic sent everyone into lockdown Jeep had to first figure out what to say and then how to say it. So to help keep people safe and separated, the message #StayOffTheRoad was created. The only problem left was to find someone to deliver the message.


Within the first few weeks of lockdown, the world quickly realized we were all living the same day over and over again. So we decided to deliver our #StayOffTheRoad message by drafting off the success of the #1 Super Bowl commercial in 2020 “Groundhog Day” starring Bill Murray that was still fresh in people’s minds. In it, Bill’s character lives the same day over and over again - just like the movie. We created three separate videos “Same Day,” “Dream” and “Safety First” using existing footage. Each video showed Bill’s character reacting to what we were all going through during the pandemic. Like wondering what day it was, wanting to go outside and dreaming about what life was like before the world shut down.


The Jeep brand has a social audience filled with adventurous, outdoorsy and active fans and followers, and we quickly realized that stay at home orders must be making them stir crazy. While Jeep is always one to invite people to get outside, take the top and doors off and encourage freedom, this was one instance where we wanted to people to #StayOffTheRoad and stay safely in their homes. Coming off of the heels of Bill Murray’s joy ride with the groundhog, we decided to tap him to communicate our safety message to the Jeep community.


Working remotely with our production partners, including Bill Murray, we agreed to license and re edit existing footage from the Jeep Super Bowl commercial. Over the course of a few weeks we rolled out three videos to our friends, fans and followers across Twitter, Youtube, Instagram and Facebook in record time.



Engagements: 8,248

Views: 150,766

180% goal - ‘Safety First’ Best performing video


Engagements: 2,169

Views: 43,391

126% goal - ‘Same Day’ Best performing video


Engagements: 56,969

Views: 274,642

102% goal - ‘Safety First’ Best performing video

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