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Echo Escape

AKQA, Portland / AMAZON / 2018


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We decided not to give people a demonstration; instead we locked them inside one. Echo Escape was the world’s first escape experience powered by voice.

Echo Escape took Echo skills that help people every day and wove them into an intense story of espionage that had players racing the clock to beat the bad guys and save the world. Only by fully utilizing a wide breadth of Alexa’s skills could players ultimately be set free.


We built a 5-room, 1,200 square foot house, filled it with the family of Echo devices (Amazon Echo, Echo Dot, and Echo Show), and connected 100+ pieces of Alexa-enabled technology, such as smart lights, locks, fans, blinds, sound systems and cameras. Then we dropped it in the middle of the largest pop culture event in the country, New York Comic Con (NYCC). Echo Escape was repeatedly named the fan favorite during the 4-day event, with more than 5000 NYCC guests lining up to play. Success required the flawless fusion of a technical crew, live performers, and Echo devices.

The experience culminated in a live Twitch broadcast featuring 3 of the biggest online gamers on Twitch, @Swiftor, @OMGitsFireFoxx and @CaptainSparklez. Each gamer and their team competed head to head while the internet was invited to watch live and play along, using Amazon’s Alexa to help or hinder their favorite gamers.


· 1.5MM online players, using the power of Alexa to control the fate of their favorite gamers

· 43,000 real-time engagements

· Double-digit lift in purchase intent

· Customized, shared videos of player gameplay experiences were seen over 5MM times on Facebook/Twitter

· Over the 4-day event, 5,000+ queued for a chance to lock themselves inside a 30-minute product experience

· On each of NYCC’s 4 days, Echo Escape reservations were fully booked within minutes of opening

· The 2-hour live Twitch broadcast was the most watched non-video gaming content ever on Twitch

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