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JUNG VON MATT AG, Hamburg / EDEKA / 2023


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In Germany, each year, 300,000 individuals receive an Alzheimer's diagnosis. On a global scale, this number swells to a staggering 10 million new cases annually. Despite the prevalence of campaigns focusing on early symptoms of diseases like cancer, Alzheimer's remains largely unaddressed. While currently still incurable, early detection of Alzheimer's can significantly mitigate its symptoms.

EDEKA's directive was to craft an Easter ad that resonates emotionally with its viewers and underscores its societal commitment. As Germany's biggest food retailer with 11,000 markets, EDEKA celebrated Easter during Christmas – and embraced the mantle of educating the public about Alzheimer’s early indicators. They chose the backdrop of Easter, a time of family reunions and the second most significant holiday after Christmas, to drive home their message and commitment. By crafting a distinctive chocolate Easter bunny decorated with Christmas elements, a novel product was designed to funnel donations toward Alzheimer's research.


"Merry Easter" hinges on the poignant imagery of an elderly woman confusing Christmas with Easter. This mix-up serves as a metaphor for the early signs of Alzheimer's. By introducing a novel product - the “Christmas bunny” - EDEKA not only offers a tangible symbol of this narrative but directly aids Alzheimer's research through sales. The creative approach involves aligning a societal issue with a brand's core offering, establishing a connection in consumers’ minds.


Targeting primarily German families and individuals who shop during festive periods, as well as those affected or concerned about Alzheimer's, EDEKA noticed the lack of extensive Alzheimer’s awareness campaigns focusing on early signs. Taking the initiative to address this void, they chose Easter, a major family gathering occasion, to emphasize the message about the importance of identifying early Alzheimer’s indicators. The strategy was not only about conveying this message effectively but also promoting a product associated with a meaningful cause.


During the Easter period of 2023, EDEKA launched a multi-faceted campaign that began with social posts of Christmas recipes on Meta and TikTok. Surprisingly, in the midst of Easter, 11,000 EDEKA markets across Germany were adorned with Christmas decorations, puzzling many and leading newspapers to cover the apparent holiday mix-up. This intrigue set the stage for our emotional film, which, along with accompanying social media assets, TV commercials, and Sunday newspaper ads, was unveiled. Together with the introduction of the “Christmas bunny” at the POS. The strategic placement of Christmas decorations in all of EDEKA's markets, combined with the widespread digital content, ensured maximum reach. Executed on a nationwide scale, the campaign had the potential for global visibility due to its online presence and the buzz it generated in PR circles.


EDEKA's campaign strategy led to significant business impacts, with the "Christmas bunnies" selling out and raising over 200,000 € for the Alzheimer Research Initiative e.V. The film alone gained over 10 million views. Its unique approach caught the attention of various media platforms, resulting in coverage across numerous news outlets, podcasts, and even a feature on Germany’s most-watched morning show. Beyond mere visibility, the campaign also drove a palpable change in public behavior, heightening the understanding of early Alzheimer’s signs and reframing perceptions around "elderly mix-ups". This intriguing juxtaposition of Christmas in Easter not only elevated consumer awareness but also reshaped EDEKA's brand perception. The brand solidified its image as not just a marketplace but a socially responsible entity deeply invested in community well-being and addressing pressing societal issues.

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