Merry Easter

JUNG VON MATT AG, Hamburg / EDEKA / 2023







In Germany, each year, 300,000 individuals receive an Alzheimer's diagnosis. On a global scale, this number swells to a staggering 10 million new cases annually. Despite the prevalence of campaigns focusing on early symptoms of diseases like cancer, Alzheimer's remains largely unaddressed. While currently still incurable, early detection of Alzheimer's can significantly mitigate its symptoms.

EDEKA's directive was to craft an Easter ad that resonates emotionally with its viewers and underscores its societal commitment. As Germany's biggest food retailer with 11,000 markets, EDEKA celebrated Easter during Christmas – and embraced the mantle of educating the public about Alzheimer’s early indicators. They chose the backdrop of Easter, a time of family reunions and the second most significant holiday after Christmas, to drive home their message and commitment. By crafting a distinctive chocolate Easter bunny decorated with Christmas elements, a novel product was designed to funnel donations toward Alzheimer's research.


The emotional film "Merry Easter", aired in Easter 2023, portraying an elderly woman mistakenly preparing for Christmas. She decorates her home, writes cards, and cooks a Christmas feast. Her family's arrival, carrying Easter eggs, highlights the mix-up. Though her grown daughter notices, she chooses to play along. The backdrop of a sunny spring day contrasts with the winter festivities inside. A poignant message reveals that every year in Germany, 300,000 people are diagnosed with Alzheimer's, suggesting the mix-up of dates as an early sign. The film concludes with a unique product, a Christmas-decorated chocolate Easter bunny, emphasizing that EDEKA, the biggest supermarket brand in Germany, donates half the proceeds from each sold figurine to support Alzheimer's research.

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