Exactly your dose of Christmas.

JUNG VON MATT, Hamburg / EDEKA / 2019

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To offer every one of its customers – from XMAS-lover to XMAS-hater the shopping experience they’d love, EDEKA came up with a spectacular roadshow, that made everyone decide for themselves: How much Christmas would you like?


As the objective was to enable every single customer the shopping experience they’d like, it was of most important to be an in-store experience, where every single customer could take part. From small children to old people.


Via levers, every customer could choose a percentage of the amount of Christmas they would like. According to what the customer chose, the supermarket turned more or less into a winter wonderland. 0%: the Grinch’s favorite and no Christmas stuff at all. 20%: a touch of Christmassy food and decoration. 50%: a nice balance with the Christmas stuff we are all used to in supermarkets during Christmas time. 80%: the store begins to look A LOT like Christmas. 100%: a Christmassy spectacle far away from the ordinary Christmas decoration in stores ¬– the “enough” for those who never thought they could ever get enough of Christmas.

For those who didn’t attend the roadshow, EDEKA posted a video showing the whole XMAS-range from 0%-100% online. Choosing a scene instead of watching the whole video, everyone was able to decide how much Christmas they would like.


The result: Instead of being punched in the face by the – in winter – omnipresent power of Christmas, EDEKA customers were overwhelmed by the power of themselves. With more than 4,2 Million interactions, many many happy customers experienced their perfect dose of Christmas. That way, again they perceived EDEKA as a supermarket, that offers them exactly what they want – even beyond food and beverages.

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