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JUNG von MATT, Hamburg / EDEKA / 2014

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The challenge was to prove the sustainability of EDEKA in drastically reducing its dispose of useful crops. But the question was: How do we convince customers to buy food that is not quite perfect? Since it is a luxury problem the solution needed to hit the customers with something that attracts them and not primarily educates them.

The solution: we created SECOND CHANCE, an entirely new brand that creates tasty juices, jams, sauces, stews or even potato crisps made of imperfect food.


The best opportunity to sensitize customers to the issue of food waste is when they are doing their daily shopping: directly in their supermarket.

By offering them a totally new range of food products which are both sustainable and of a high quality, we showed them a responsible way of buying their food. And with affectionately designed labels and honest product names EDEKA proved once again: We love food. With a product that solves a real problem and says “No“ to unnecessary food waste. And thus, becomes the medium of communication itself.


SECOND CHANCE is produced in the local market. Without shipping, without preservatives – just like homemade. Customers responded enthusiastically since the brand shows them clearly that there is a way of avoiding immense food waste.

This way, in a single EDEKA market up to 25 kilograms crops get their second chance – each day. If the brand is rolled out to all 11,000 EDEKA markets, over 100,000 tons of food can be saved every year.

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