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EDEKA ZENTRALE AG & CO. KG, Hamburg / EDEKA / 2021

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Germany’s best-assorted supermarket, EDEKA, wanted to create an online film, communicating all of their giant product variety at once. ??But with more than 60,000 products, EDEKA offers three times more products, than the average German’s vocabulary. Since language couldn’t comprehend EDEKAs variety, we turned to music to make people feel and remember the sheer variety of EDEKA.


EDEKA offers three times more products than the average German’s vocabulary. Since language can’t even comprehend EDEKAs variety, we turned to music. Our Idea: Let’s make people FEEL the endless variety they can find at EDEKA: By transforming products into music. For that, we wired up an entire supermarket into a giant synthesizer – and had it played by a crazy musician, who could even play the weirdest fruits and vegetables.


We knew that, in order to convince the ad-sceptical online community, authenticity was key. That’s why we did’t treat Marc Rebillet like a testimonial, but a creative partner. Working closely together on composition, look and feel, we created an authentic film, that not only showcases EDKEAs variety, but appreciates Marc’s character and art, as well as his fanbase. By jokingly implementing an especially weird German sour cream called „Schmand“, we wanted to improve the target group’s identification, giving them a strong reason to share and meme the sequence. In releasing the music video not just on corporate accounts, but Marcs own profiles, we wanted to seed it as organic as possible – spending little to none media costs. Marc was given complete freedom to interact with the online community and market competitors – creating an authentic communication experience.


We presented the idea to Marc Rebillet, knowing that he was the only person, that fitted our project both musically and charismatically. Over the next weeks, we composed an original song and worked on a visual concept.??After that, we wired up an entire supermarket for shooting. On set, Marc uploaded a photo of his #Supermarc Bathrobe – leaving people speculating about what Marc was doing in Germany. A few days before release, we published a short teaser of him playing the EDEKA theme on products. #Supermarc was released on June 30 on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and TikTok, on both corporate channels and Marc’s personal accounts. For days, Marc engaged with fans, as well as trash talking about other supermarkets.


We received close to 20M views on every major social media network – along 2M new followers on TikTok. „#EDEKA” trended #1 on Twitter, „Schmand“ on #4. We organically made it into various subreddits such as r/funny, r/de and r/askagerman, with over 18.000 Likes on r/videos. The community produced memes, reaction videos, gifs and Spreadshirt templates, along with flooding our competitors with „Schmand“-Jokes. Celebrities such as Regie Watts, Fulda Borg, Daniel Thrasher, Til Schweiger and Jan Böhmermann shared our spot, along with international newspapers. Marcs engagement with fans and competitors led to even more schadenfreude and interaction, with people still commenting „Schmand“-related posts online months later.

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